We supply laboratory solutions for more than two decades

We may say that UAB Bioeksma was found in 1992 – when a unit trading in laboratory equipment and chemical reagents was established in the company EKSMA. Soon, in 1994, laboratory and medicine related activities were separated and a subsidiary, which was named UAB Eksmos medicininės technikos centras, was established.

Meanwhile UAB Eksma continued the business of laboratory devices and chemical reagents. In 2005, after experience, developing a customer base and establishing itself on the market of Lithuania UAB Bioeksma became an independent company. 

In order, with improvement of laboratory equipment related business and ensuring more benefit to customers and partners, in 2009 the managers of EKSMA Group decided to merge both laboratory related businesses into one company, i.e. UAB Bioeksma.

Currently we supply instruments and consumables to various size and profile laboratories around the country.

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