Liquid Handling Instruments

We supply laboratory solutions for more than two decades

The BRAND line of liquid handling instruments described here sets the world standard for accuracy, ergonomic design, and reliability.

We could offer:

  • Bottle top dispensers and bottle top burette
  • Microliter pipettes
  • Pipette tips/filter tips
  • PLT unit (pipette eak Test)
  • Pipetting robot
  • Positive displacement pipettes
  • Stepper/repetive pipette
  • PD-tips
  • Pipette controlers
  • Calibration software

Instruments is available in three different approaches to volume adjustment: digital, analog-adjustable, fixed volume. 


Brand GmbH +Co KG

Company offers high-quality products to help you achieve your goals, rapidly and reliably. Brand producing glass apparatus, volumetric measuring instruments, thermometers, liquid handing products, high-quality prastic disposables for use in the life science area.

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